Information of Interest About Our Practice

In order to make sure your visit to the practice goes smoothly, we've put together all the important information about how things work at the practice.

Inform the front office of any changes in your demographic information

If your phone numbers have changed, or your emergency contact information has changed, or your address has changed please inform the front office so that we have correct current information to communicate with you.

Don't forget to bring your insurance information with you

In order to register and treat you promptly, we request that our patients bring their current insurance information with them for each visit.  We accept most major insurances including Medicare and Maryland Medicaid.

We accept all credit cards, debit cards, checks and cash as a form of payment.


We will bill your visit directly to your insurance provider if you supply an updated proof of insurance at each visit. Please note that the insurance policy is between you and your insurance provider; we are happy to file the claim for you, but the balance is your responsibility if your plan does not pay after 30 days. Any amount not covered by your insurance policy is due immediately after you receive your first invoice from us.

We accept patients on the Medicare plan. As a courtesy, we will also bill your secondary insurance provider directly. You will be asked to sign an Advanced Beneficiary Notice for services not covered under Medicare. You shall be accountable for covering these services.

Use our Secure Patient Portal to manage your health online

Click here to access our secure Patient Portal. 


New patients can pre-register at the Patient Portal. When you pre-register, you provide some demographic information about you before your first visit to the office. Pre- registration expedites your first visit to the office. In order to pre-register, click on the Pre-Register link on the right side on the Patient Portal home page.


Existing patients can- 

  • View their medical records
  • View their lab Results
  • View their visit summaries
  • Request appointments
  • Communicate with the practice